Monday, June 9, 2008

Thinking About Kevin

I don't know if this happens to any of you.......but sometimes the people that acquire my little figures invent a life for them other than what should have been their destiny. Case in point........I once created a figure that became Kevin the fox. A frequent buyer of my work........a very flamboyant man who always wore a long, black, flowing trench coat, and was a refuse yard scavenger, which by the way I respect, grabbed Kevin from the table at the show with one fell swoop. He loved the name at least Kevin did not suffer an identity crisis. He put him in his coat pocket with Kevin's head and front legs sticking out. He said until his dying day Kevin would remain there as his life long friend. Nothing surprises me, because I usually draw as my buyer base, individuals that tend to be a little left of center, which of course I would not have any other way.........anyway the point being that Kevin actually became his side kick.......his wing man, his confidant, his partner in crime, etc. Throughout the years had me create a wardrobe (costumes) for Kevin and home accessories........which were limited since he lived in a pocket. He and Kevin both kept journals of their adventures, and I received monthly updates on their exploits. I wish I could say that this is not a common occurrence, but not so. I have many people that keep me abreast of the personal activities of their figurative sculptures. Anyone else.........have similar experiences with their work that has found a new home? These little Kitty Ditty Bags pictured here have found new homes too..........and I can only wonder if I will get a late night call, about one of them putting one of their nine lives in jeopardy, sleepwalking, or a call to bail them out kitty jail.........they do like to hang out in the alley late at night.