Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Artist Has No Shoes

If you were to come into my home in some ways you would never know I lived there. There is something to be said about keeping some secrets about yourself. Let everyone have a few preconceived notions about what is going on inside artistically. A most cherished compliment was paid to me recently, when someone who has been collecting my work, and I finally met said........."Oh, you don't look anything like how I pictured you in my mind." Secretly I thought YESSSSSSSSS........., I am not just the sum and parts of what I create. There is some mystery about what goes on in my head that may not be revealed all at once. And so the same goes for my house...........there is not a blatant presence there of my work....plus, let's be honest, I either give it to others, or sell much of what I make. It is sort of like the cobbler who has no shoes. There is however, that one occasional piece that I cannot quite part with.......the one that may reveal a little quickly too much soul. Here is a most recent keeper ..........Tater Tots Realization That There Is No More Three Ring Circus. This one will remain with me at least a little longer, maybe even hang on a wall. I wonder what your "shoe" is that manages to bear a bit of your soul?


Edgar and Edgar said...

Welcome to Blogland!!!! I look forward to getting together soon.


Sylvia Anderson said...

A wonderful and intersting new piece of work you have created Sue...and I don't blame you a bit for wanting to hang onto it just a bit longer. I love the colors you've used, and the feeling of the piece...intriging!

Stop by my blog...I have tagged you! :)

M said...

Sue, you said that to me when you met me in Pa.. I didn`t look like you pictured me to look like.
I`ve been keeping some of my newest works for a little while until I can let them go. I do like giving them away and I`d rather give them away then see them sold for less than what they are worth. It`s just a matter of finding a home for a piece. Someone who will love it.

Looking forward to reading more. Melanee