Thursday, June 5, 2008


I never create art for a specific purpose...........there is usually a reason involved, however.....AND it's the need to create. I prefer to always have WHATEVER happen when I start a piece. I cannot control what happens. I don't want to control what happens, so the art usually takes on a life of its own. For years I have had an open debate with anyone who cares to debate, on who constitutes an artist creating art in its purist form, and with the purist of intentions. What I mean is who creates art only for arts sake. The artists who do this, in my opinion, are art brut, or sometimes they are called outsider artists. The people who do this art can be the insane, institutionalized, imprisoned, or the reclusive. Most art brut artists are visionaries and their art demonstrates little influence from the mainstream art world. I wish I had total freedom in creation, but old knowledge from artistic instruction, somewhere back in time, sometimes rears its head. Total abandonment in art only happens to me when I preceive a misstep in something I have done............this mistake to me is freedom. I have found the magazine RAW VISION to be an inspiration in my quest for artistic purity. Here is their website....... I guess if I was a true "Art Brut" artist, or I might become one, you might not ever see any of my work again!

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Sylvia Anderson said...

Sue~ Interesting site! Thank you for sharing it. I am assuming that you made the piece pictured on this post of the horse on the man's head? I LOVE it!! It really captured my attention, and the title is so fitting! :) You bring up some interesting points, and we've talked a little on this subject before, and I am like you....I can't always get away from that past training when creating. It gets in the way sometimes, and other times I am thankful that I have that knowledge as it can help me when I am stuck on something. For me it's a double edged sword I guess. LOL! BTW...I just got your blog added to my blog list, and am looking forward to popping in here to see what's new with you. :)