Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tag..........I love it!

Wow........I love games.......Thank You Sylvia for thinking of me. I won't even be a bad sport ...........because here it would be quite sneaking Monopoly property under the table. Ok six unimportant things about myself.........hmmmmm there are so many unimportant things it's hard to choose.

1. I am obsessed with keeping my floor all stems from when I was a preteen girl and I used to visit the house of one of the High School thugs who lived near me on Cherry Lane........his name was Art and I knew his grandmother with whom he lived. I used to watch her sweep the floor and she used to push around great mounds of trash with a broom on a daily basis. I have been forever scared that my floor might look that way if I don't keep it swept. I remember Art's last name, but I will take it to my dying grave to protect his identity.

2. When I was young I used to have many usual pets. My father worked for the Department of Fish and we had to watch over, take into custody etc. a variety of animals. I had a pet porcupine, a deer, a bobcat, a skunk, and a chipmunk to name a few. We also used to have a freezer full of mother would go out to find something for dinner and there might be a frozen deer embryo in there among the hot pun intended there, although there could be.

3. I like the color green and the number 6..........although I have no idea why. I really don't own anything green to speak of, and the number 6 has never helped me in any a lucky number.

4. I have literally thousands of books and might say I am obsessed with them. I want to read all the time, I try to read all the time, but it seems the only place, or time I get any reading done is on the treadmill at the gym, which is about 20 minutes a day, when I make it to the gym. It took me about a year to read The Courtesan and then I left it at the gym one day. To my horror they announced over the loudspeaker. Will the person who is reading The Courtesan please come to the front desk and get your book, you might need it! Every one's a comedian.

5. This refers to the statement can see that not being able to read issue is really bothering me. But here's the situation............If any of you have read The Teachings of Don Juan, then you will know what I am talking about. I just cannot find my spot to read. Like Don Juan's protege...........I keep circling my house trying to find my exact spot where I should read.

6. I think that I have the power to will myself parking spots............and I am usually able to do so. ....after following people in the lot. I think that I have the ability to take excess energy from the minds of creative people while they sleep......that's why I work late at night and into the early morning. I have premonitions, but I never tell about them until they have happened, so no one ever believes me.

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Sabii Wabii said...

Arg...but there are so many important things about me! How am I to write about unimportant things?.........Hummm this may take a day or two....

Melissa Valeriote said...

Reading about the minutia of your life is truly refreshing. Except for #2. I wish I hadn't read it. You should have posted a warning for those of us with weak stomachs...gag...

Glad to read about your magazine obsession. I'm not alone! I worry that the only time I will be able to leisurely thumb through them is when I'm old and can no longer see.

Anonymous said...