Monday, June 30, 2008

Better Not Cry..........Better Not Pout.......

The circus, or maybe the carnival is coming to town. I love the things, animals etc. that could be of the circus or the carnival, almost as much as I love the characters and lore of Halloween. There is such artistic freedom to create any manner of circus or carnival you choose to imagine. I think that the vagabond life style also appeals to me too. I often have thoughts of being a gypsy.

There is a language known only to circus and carnival insiders. It is called their "lingo". What if we all had our own "lingo". I guess in a way we speaking through our art, as well as with words. All the same, I have many books filled with nonsensical words, words once used, but not used anymore, imaginary words, imaginary places, and lingo. I am especially fond of a book called The Word Museum. I sometimes think that I can just touch a book, and that I will know everything that is contained inside. You can do this too, in a similar fashion by going to a place, or an event and by just stepping inside, or maybe passing through quickly............ say for instance an art, or craft show, or a place where there are found objects/a garage sale, junk store.........and by raising your hand at the entrance, or maybe quickly walking through, you can survey the surroundings, and without doing more than that you will have an awareness of all of what you might find there. This instant knowledge can tell you to go in and investigate further, or not to. Sometimes the senses reach farther than we realize. I think you can will the knowledge of things to be. I once made myself invisible in a room full of people. I played a whole game of imaginary tennis with a willing partner, and no one saw us. Being invisible has only happened once, but I will forever try to recreate the experience.

The tangents are back to the circus and carnival...........a few pictures for now, and a few words, and lingo later..........


Lola Enchanted said...

Yay, the carnivals in town! How lovely!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Marilyn Radzat said...

Do you create these wonderful pieces?
I LOVE these!!

Sabii Wabii said...

I love the bearded fat lady! Sue you crack me up....what a party that is going on in that head of yours.
Great seeing you today.
Until we meet on that laptop!