Thursday, April 11, 2013

JAMES GRASHOW - Corrugated Fountain

One of the basic human needs is to be recognized in some way. Artists are no exceptions. Art is one way to gain recognition and leave a legacy. That's what many of us think anyway........but not everyone is creating art to last throughout the Jimmy Grashow for example. I attended the Napa Valley Film Festival last year and found a whole new perspective about the life of art..........maybe it's not what you create, but it's that what you create needs to complete an entire life cycle. Maybe art creations are not supposed to last. Perhaps art is about the process you go through from the beginning until an end. Or, maybe, the purpose for art amuse, tease, and then fade away. Jimmy is a well known artist who spent many years of his life creating themes of man, nature, and mortality. He is a noted sculptor, woodcut atist, illustrator, and educator. He is also known for spending several years of his life creating a work of cardboard art, "The Cardboard Bernini" only to welcome the day when it would cease to exist. While most artists legacy are the works they leave either intentionally or unintentionally. Jimmy created this installation with the intention of it self destructing He created the corrugated fountain mentioned above and seen below to what I think addressed specifically his theme of mortality. His desire was to have it briefly displayed and then to complete the creative experience by watching it disintegrate. Not what most of the artists from the past wanted to accomplish......the likes of the cave painters, Michelangelo, Rembrandt and so many more.


JAMES GRASHOW - Corrugated Fountain

JAMES GRASHOW - Corrugated Fountain

It is unbelievable to see that after a short period of time
His art went from creation to distruction in the outside location pictured above.
I saw the process of decompostion through time lapse photography.
It changed my thoughts about the creative process. Maybe art can be enojoyed moment by moment and that it has a life that evolves over time, and only ends with its complete destruction. Also, perhaps created art does not have to be a static thing that lasts forever.

Jimmy says it best......"For me the fragility and the temporal nature of cardboard really marks my identity. I wish I could believe in forever, but eternity is an illusion"

All Pictures Above Are From The Website Of Jimmy Grashow





Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Expectations.........

As the legacy of the American Folk Art Festival continues this year so do the expectations for something new, different and exciting to see or do at the show. That will be fulfilled this year in several ways. Several new artists, and dealers will joining the group of past participants. It is also the hope and desire to have many examples of found folk objects from different areas of the home, decorative items as well as useful ones. Since we are sometimes years removed from the purpose of an object it is often times a mystery as to what the object is, or the purpose it might have been intended. That thought never stops me, however, as I never look at what something was intended to be, but only the potential of what it could be become. Other Festival artists share this opinion too.

This year plants will not only be props, but also decorator pieces when they are artistically placed in antique found objects, by antique dealer Thomas Kurth, who will participate for the first time this year. After an absence, the rugs and primitive antiques of Jane Santucci will again make their appearance at the festival. She is in business in San Anselmo and welcomes the idea of showing her wares in our area. In fact a variety of dealers and artists that have found antiques and have created works of art will inspire the mind and the imagination of many tastes. As we get older we should always assume to be inspired and learn to expect and embrace it. Something new this year will also be the beautiful old world illustrations by Melissa Garden Streblow. They are reminiscent of old medical book illustrations. Her subjects are varied, from plants to animals, on land and water. She has developed an illustrated color book for children.

There is more to come and I will share in future posts, as the show slogan states.......prepare to be amazed!

Monday, April 9, 2012

There's An Old New Show in Town

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, and Easter.........whew it has been a while........but worth the wait......I have been working on a grand between the business of daily living, art, and the winery. I am proud to announce that I will be carrying on the tradition of an established show, the American Folk Art Festival, founded by Gail Laird, of Halliday House Antiques in Napa, and her partners, Rob Kowalski, and Sue Moodie. This new, yet established, and well received show will feature dealers of antique folk art, as well as the handmade folk art of contemporary folk artists. The artists will focus on fall themes....some with a bit of emphasis on the folk art of Halloween.

To learn more about the show...Please go to our newly established website, which is and will continue to be a work in progress, by a click of the American Folk Art Festival sidebar box. I will also be giving you updates here as well. It is an exciting concept to have antique folk art, and the folk art of contemporary folk artists side by side. I am sure you will recognize the names of some of your favorite artists, and dealers with a few more yet to be added to the list.

Looking forward to having you make plans to join us on September 8th, at the Madonna Estate winery in Napa California, from 9am until 3pm....prepare to be amazed at the one-of-a-kind display of folk antiques and folk art!

Friday, October 7, 2011

All the Things I have Loved Before.............And Sometimes Have Not Shown

It's not the New Year, but then I never do anything in the most usual way. I am changing it up before January 1st. I have decided to use only my name as my business name. In the past I have used both my name and Tinsell and Whimsy to reflect what art I have done and do now. I have decided that I should just be me, Susan Bartolucci..........Hey, that rhymes and reminds me of a kindergarten song I used to sing with my class........I am a wonder I am a whee...I am P Mooney........or Susan Bartolucci. It's time to shed my "cute" little moniker that somewhat described my creations...... I will still be using Tinsell and Whimsy as my blog site name, but for business cards etc. it's Good-Bye Tinsell and Whimsy......You served me well...............Hello...........Susan!

OK....transitioning......on to another thing I have loved before, and not shown, but not doing this task too smoothly...............

Pictures from a recent show Tinsel and Treasures held on September 10th in Danville. Such an array of talented women with good spirits.......Thank You Iva Wilcox.

Next I call it Halloween Hijinks(noisy and mischievous merrymaking)
......the Gathering of Ghouls and a couple of Buoys prior to the Art is Retreat...Petaluma September 24th at the winery and then on to my house for dinner. Unfortunately, there was too much merrymaking, and no "photomaking" at the house!

And last but not least...........Pictures from Ghoultide Gathering........I wish I would have taken more photos.........but as they say I was so in the moment.......enjoying the ambiance and festivities.

I have more I have loved and have not shown..........which I am saving for a later blog post. It's hard to tread water, and keep up with all the activity!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tis the Season With Much Rhyme and Reason

AND sooooooo

To all the Halloween Figures I have loved before......

Who travelled in & out my door....I am glad they came along....I dedicate this post

To all the figures I once created..........And may I say in my mind I have created some of the best
Thanks for helping me to grow I owe a lot I know

To all the Halloween Figures I have loved before

Here are a few of you to view..............

Eva Fangoria

Pin Heads

Evil Richard the Costco Employee of the Month

Tin Bone Collector

Creepy Carnival Knock-Downs Drag Outs

Hell's Kitchen

Goth Bat Boy

Ghost Whisperer The Gratest Halloween


Bona Lisa

Devil With A Blue Dress On

Herding Cats in a Catgo Line

Ah Spare Us Gus

> Two Old Bats Join the Box Party