Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Promise

I have always been fascinated with every aspect of Ellis Island. Its history and its lore. The notion that you could leave everything that you had ever known, your home, your family, and your friends for a promise is intriguing. Ellis will be an endless source of inspiration for me. You can create your own culture, and history in art and in a way that is what you always do when you create art............... travel through the waters to reach an unknown shore. These pictures have their own secret, personal promises to tell, and so does Roma.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dare Say This is Habit Forming

Dogs it has been said can be the spirit guides to another world........these are my three dogs of Pompeii guarding the entrance to my house.

The number "Three" also reminds me of two artist friends and myself. We all had ethnic last names by Italian, one Hispanic, and one Japanese. I guess you could say we were the three frauds. We wanted to present an art show on April Fool's Day. The pedestals would have been in place, and also the hangers to display our works, but in keeping with the Altar of Art possibilities below, we would guild our guests around in a candlelit room and describe what might have been on every pedestal and every wall. This would truly have been subjective thinking about art.

It's The Real Thing

Day 2 and Wow...........Thank you Sabii for such a warm's the real thing to have a good friend. If you have too many that is suspect, though, because it takes time to nurture a friendship. So far in what I have seen of online blogging, there is a real movement to band together for several common causes . I offer the above picture I took in Pompeii. It is the Altar of ART Possibilities. It is symbolic of what we do as artists when we create , and then sometimes share our creations. We lay our creations out on the Altar for everyone to see...........they can choose to embrace the work, or sacrifice it. I also like to use the Altar image because sometimes when I am unable to complete all the art work that is in my head...........I list all my ideas, and place them on the Altar. That way if someone asks what I have been up to..........I can explain all the thoughts I had but was unable to complete.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And So It Begins.......................

I have finally decided to see what this blogworld is all about..........and these carnival knockdowns express my excitement as well as if there was a smiling picture of me. They also are symbolic in that they represent a bit of my philosophy of life........if you get knocked down come right back up again. I like the freedom they represent running away with the carnival, or the circus in any direction, and for any period of time, and I also like the association the carnival and circus have with odd characters, bizarre sights, and the unexpected or course.
I guess everyone that begins a blog probably thinks in some way what they have to say will be immortalized forever. In one respect that is true because you can see what is written here for a very long period of time. Glad the thought of that does not stop anyone from posting what is their truth. I will always try to do that.......what is my truth for the moment because we are always evolving.