Friday, December 3, 2010

Time for Father Christmas...........

Kriskindle Market

If you are within a 200 mile radius of Napa Valley then you are in for a treat. Dolph Gotelli, an aquaintance of mine, who is also known as Father Christmas has an installation on display of his vintage Christmas toys, and antiques at the Napa Valley Museum. He only does one-of-a-kind shows, and although I have seen another one of his shows they each have their own unique personalities. The museum has constructed a special set to showcase the 35 windows that offer a look at Gotelli’s winter wonderlands, each created with rich and intricate detail. The show details follow;
“Dreams of Toyland”
• On display at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville Nov. 20 - Jan. 23.
• Admission to “Dreams of Toyland” is free for children under 18. Admission for adults is $5, for seniors 60 and older is $3.50.
• The museum is at 55 Presidents Circle, Yountville on the grounds of the Veterans Home of California. It’s open daily, except Tuesdays,10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
• For details, call 944-0500
Mrs. Snuffleberry's Kitchen
Wittenham Clump's Treehouse
Welcome Father Christmas
Midnight Walk
O'Hare's Budget of Good Things
A Peek Into Fairyland

Teatime in London

Images by Caroline Thompson

This show is magical! Don't miss it!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Never Keep the Barn Door Closed............

Some of this and some of that went out the door at the White Barn Winter Show this past keep those barn doors open. This was the second annual Winter Art Show at the White Barn in St. Helena CA.......and hopefully this will spawn many more shows in the future. To say I had a great time with the people there would be an understatement. It also helps when you sell a few things too.....but mostly the merriment is what I am all about. There was the most eclectic group of people showing their work you could ever imagine...and an interesting group of visitors was like bohemian artists meet society. I don't how the Garden's manage to do it......but they put out the call and everyone comes from miles around....yes, I guess I really do know how they do it.......they are wild, fun, talented, outspoken, and have uncompromising taste when it comes to art and people. I am so pleased to be included in the mix of this show. In between all the laughter I did manage to take a few photos.........but they hardly do the show justice.....that's why I am not a photographer......Sandy Wood photographer to the stars.....where are you when I need she's a real photographer.

Beau adopted us.......after he found out we had food...........under the table! My daughter Brette, her husband and my grandson Andrew. Brette was my partner at the show! She makes wonderful jewelry. you can see, this was not all about folk art........there were many types of art represented......and that was the surprise of it all.......something for every one's individual tastes, and gifts

Friday, November 5, 2010

Up on the Wall.................

Our three person show is up and we are celebrating......three the artistic trinity! My friends
Carole and Sharon and I are together at last.

This little ditty from Annie runs through my head.

Together at last!
Together for ever!
We're tying a knot,
They never can sever!

I don't need sunshine now,
To turn my skies at blue --

I don't need anything but you!

(pre-show set-up)

It's so hard for us to get together......we are all so busy, but we did it. We have a show together, and all our work looks like it is from kindred spirits. I must admit when first approached by Carole to do this show I was wondering how....would I ever find the time, but the theory is true you make time for what you want to do. The show opened November 3rd, and we all had a chance to speak about the inspiration behind our work, before taking visitors on a walk through the gallery and dinner. For you enjoyment here is a quick look at the show.
Sharon and Carole toasting a few days before the show!

Art and wine the best of two worlds...........
Some admirers........

Some pieces up close and personal..........and I must tell you that I am keeping my day job, before I think about a career in photography....but then I do tend to like things on a tilt, and a little blurred.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What the Bodies Left at Bodie..........long (o)....

I recently visited the largest untouched Ghost Town left in California. I gave a sneak preview of the town in a previous post.........but two pictures do not do it justice. What an amazing sight to see how those early miners, mill workers etc. lived on the high desert. It definitely was not for the faint of heart..........neither is visiting the town now in present time. Because of its violent and lawless past, there are many myths that some spirits of Bodie still linger, and occasionally make themselves known. As I was walking out of the park, one of the rangers happened to be leaving too. When I asked if she had any encounters with former residents of the town.....she said she had enough to write a book. Here are some additional photos of Bodie......see if you can see any ghosts bodies lurking around the corners. Even though Halloween is over for most..Bodie would be great inspiration for paintings, or a backdrop for art pieces and fashion. I can see a million ways visiting, sketching and photographing Bodie would complement whatever you might do. I was surprised to see the online sale of so many photos of Bodie. It appears others felt inspiration calling.........

A fitting end for most of the Bodie population........the cemetery markers tell all! Now go to work and make some snow people for Bodie............tis the season for something all year long in Bodie!