Friday, November 5, 2010

Up on the Wall.................

Our three person show is up and we are celebrating......three the artistic trinity! My friends
Carole and Sharon and I are together at last.

This little ditty from Annie runs through my head.

Together at last!
Together for ever!
We're tying a knot,
They never can sever!

I don't need sunshine now,
To turn my skies at blue --

I don't need anything but you!

(pre-show set-up)

It's so hard for us to get together......we are all so busy, but we did it. We have a show together, and all our work looks like it is from kindred spirits. I must admit when first approached by Carole to do this show I was wondering how....would I ever find the time, but the theory is true you make time for what you want to do. The show opened November 3rd, and we all had a chance to speak about the inspiration behind our work, before taking visitors on a walk through the gallery and dinner. For you enjoyment here is a quick look at the show.
Sharon and Carole toasting a few days before the show!

Art and wine the best of two worlds...........
Some admirers........

Some pieces up close and personal..........and I must tell you that I am keeping my day job, before I think about a career in photography....but then I do tend to like things on a tilt, and a little blurred.


Dede Warren said...

Oh Sue, How wonderful for you and your girls!! Congrats!

Sabii Wabii said...

Love the 3 beaded mummies. Whats the true title?

Vintage Green said...

I just found you from This Girls Art..................
love the mummies!!! Wow!!!