Sunday, September 14, 2008

THE Show of all Shows...THE Wine of all Wines!

I feel like a Devil's Reject........which is the title of the collage above, after a tough week last week. Let me give you an many people do you know that have stepped out of their car.........tripped over their long toed shoes and keyed their own car. That......... was what kind of a week it was last week........before the weekend of THE Show of all Shows. All my missteps faded away though, when my friend Terisa and I drove to the Tinsel and Treasures show in Danville on Saturday. Terisa had the foresight to bring her camera.........I did not........ and that is why she always has beautiful pictures on her site, and I do not. I try to tell myself that I cannot be perfect in every way.......but maybe for me an occasional step in the right direction might not be a bad idea. So, anyway I am either stuck giving you a narrative of what I saw there, or referring you to Terisa's blog to see what the scene was actually like the day of THE Show of all Shows. Please go to
In the meantime I can tell you few more stories about my pathetic life last week and in general, and with my actual tongue in my cheek be truthful. Well........there was a man that came to my husband's office on Tuesday......and I spent about 45 minutes talking to him, thinking he was someone that he was not. I have a habit of thinking I know people..........because just because...........when in reality they are not usually someone I know at all. So, if ever a strange woman comes up to you and starts talking like she knows you .....that would be me! I am such a talker and not a picture taker. I once had my husband speed up on the freeway to catch up with a car, because someone driving the car was someone I thought I knew. When we came side by side on the drivers side of the car..........the driver had a ski mask on. I guess I thought I must have known a bank robber. It was his eyes I recognized I pleaded. The downside husband now no longer believes I know anyone at all. OK, I had to steal one picture from Terisa for this post.......shhhhhh, no I could not do it. I will leave the show pictures up to her. But let me say.....clear your calendars for the Tinsel and Treasure show next year..and ...Save the Date....... every single date until I know the real date.

And now ........Let me ........present for your enjoyment some Happy Happy Cheers to Halloween, and our new HalloVine Halloween wine label created by noted folk artist Jack Roads. This is a peek into the other side of my life.......the winery. It was Jack's suggestion that got the ball rolling to create a Halloween wine. Now, it is fitting that he has finally designed a label, which is also his debut as a label artist. He may add this to the list of his many other artistic accomplishments.......which include being a mentor to many an aspiring papier-mache artist.
This blood red wine is a rich Cabernet, and may be ordered/shipped by calling our toll free winery number 1 (866) 724-2993, and asking for Brette......Monday-Friday. A no shame endorsement because you will love sipping this wine by the fire waiting for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

My wine bottle is sitting on the counter!! I always knew that art could be very fluid!!
Thank you, Sue!!

Iva said...
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Iva said...

Oh Sue it was so wonderful to see you! The wine label is perfect. What a great idea to mix a favored holiday with one of your wineries delectable wines! Thank you for the gift!! Love your collage work too. So sorry your weekend started a little rocky. But I'm so glad it brightened at our show. Look forward to coming up and seeing you soon!

Sarah said...

I am visiting all your recent posts! Your vineyard looks beautiful and I love that label!