Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Every figure I create has a story. They have a history, a past, a present, and a future that is always to be determined, because after they are a presence they become part of the story that is in the eye of the beholder. Take Jack the Celery Stalker.............He has a hit list of organic vegetables in his hand. His past was pretty bleak.........left at an early age to wander wild in the north temperate Old World garden canals. Not having been cultivated until he came to America....... it was difficult for him to overcome his past, having been overgrown, overwrought, over watered, and overindulged for so long. He just flat out grew disgusted with the thought of anything good and healthy......something he could never be. So, he went on a binge, a bender, a quest if you will.....to eradicate all the organic veggies in his garden path......I guess you could say he was a bad seed. He's not the only one, though,......below are a few of his friends. They are actual criminal faces..stage coach robber, horse thief, gambler......now caught and sentenced to spend the rest of their days dressed like the clowns they are........ repeating their polka dots patterns, and repenting.

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