Friday, August 15, 2008

The New Digs

Just the word dig excites conjures up possibilities of something that might be lost or found. I finally am moving into my new digs, and keep in mind it's all about location/location/location. The new studio/shed certainly will bring about the potential of possible junk that I can actually uncover and use to create something. Above is the first view of my new studio/shed. As I have said before.........what I really need is something the size of a store like COSTCO to absolutely, once and for all hold everything I have stashed away in four different locations............chuckle chuckle. But my husband put his foot warehouses in our backyard.............I am sure he would wonder what would come next........a parking lot. That's actually not a bad idea........someday I might need more space.........and think of the flea market sales I could have out there. Do you think there is a gene in some men that will tolerate living with a hybrid of a pack female form?

Here is an example of pack "rattyness." Everything is seemingly in its place, but not really........look closer. I don't hear the knock at the door.........for me to be in the second edition of "Where Women Create" least not until I am settled.

I can metal the time my corner of the shop/barn which is down the hill below. Torched tin will begin to take shape, and so does the reasoning for my name...........Tin sell...........Tin sell's

I use an acetylene torch with a small tip to cut out the tin. I later paint it at the studio/shed. No part of the tin goes to waste. I use the negative space cutouts for jewelry...........and other sculpture pieces.

Something for Halloween.........Bone Collector be used for letters, papers, plants whatever you imagine.

Negative space pins for Halloween...ready to spook anyone in their path!


Colleen said...

Sue...I love your new studio. Quiet and out of the way. Think of the magic you will be able to create. are your tin pieces.

Sylvia Anderson said...

I am loving the potential that your new studio holds! I also spy a crazy looking monkey that could be a mischief maker in there! ;) It was wonderful to visit with you today, and I was so happy to see you in good spirits, and in wonderful health! It was a pleasure meeting your friend as well, and I would love to come check out your new studio someday when you have it all finished up. :)

Anonymous said...