Monday, July 28, 2008

Tater Tots Rule the World..and Why Not!

Yep......... spuds have had their eyes peeled and sprouted little taters over many generations, and soon they will take over the world in many forms from chips off the old block to....fries with french heritage. They have a long history underground. Archaeologists have found tater skins preserved in the ash, as far back as ancient Pompeii. See the proof preserved in this fresco above....titled Tater Tots Realization That There Will No Longer Be A Three Ring Circus In Rome.


Iva said...

OMG Susan!!! These are adorable!! Hope your new studio is filled with creative energy.
~ Iva

Donna O'Brien said...

These are darling and YOU are hysterical!! Good to know you have a blog as I will be back to visit!!

Colleen said...

I am so enjoying reading your stories...I can only imagine the tales you used to tell your kids. You crack me up!!