Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pompeii Revisted

As I have stated before..........I love Pompeii.......and now I finally have a Pompeii house.......thanks in part to Dave Huddleston's beautiful mural painting. Dave is my friend Terisa's (Running With Scissors) husband. I thought some of his handiwork might inspire you to think maybe AD 79. I would like to throw an "Eruption Party" this summer in honor of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption on August 24th AD 79........any excuse to have my husband wear a toga!
I saw many dogs when I was in Pompeii......they were everywhere, hanging out in doorways, under the cases of mummified remains of those escaping Pompeii, etc. Symbolically, dogs can be the spirit guides to the afterlife. So, it is it fitting that so many stray dogs would be seen in Pompeii. I thought of them as representing the souls of all the long lost descendants of Pompeii. Even my own dogs get into the Pompeii scene by chilling near the pillars. I hope they are not playing spirit guides, foretelling a volcanic eruption, but just resting out of the sun.

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So what exactly is the one woman doing to the other?