Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Way I Roll..............

I was thinking about how many ways we create art and the inspiration for our creations, and I decided that probably I might be a little weird in the way I approach both. I don't want to sound like I think I may be unique in how I approach things........that idea got shot down in third grade when the teacher explained that is there is not much new in the world, but only different ways in which to re-invent things in it. Soooooooo, my way of re-inventing things for the sake of agreement.......I will say is different. I do not plan what I am going to make, other than to make sure that I have random piles of "good", as opposed to bad junk surrounding me at all times for inspiration. Art has a life of it's it really is futile to try and plan a creation. I rely on instinct at that moment when I see something.........I grab it.......I see something else I grab it and somehow it all comes together. That is why I probably could never teach a class on what I do.........because I don't know what it is until I do it. It is risky to create this way, because I am in fear that maybe the right mix of things will not come together. So far that has never happened. I always seem to find the one thing I need to add to the next. The frustrating thing about this is though, that I know I have boxes and bins of great junk.........stored that I may be missing out on using. I can't store everything I have in my studio. A couple of other things that makes my methods madness is that I like to think of stories, and titles of works before the works are created.........then if something I happen to make clicks with a story or a title it's a match. I like to work in the late evening and into the early morning. There is just something odd about creating during the day. There is not the same vibe as in the night. Maybe what I do is a secret from myself and when I wake in the day.........I can surprise myself with what I have made. I do that you know...........things look differently in the daylight.

I get inspiration from a variety of sources........below are a few pictures from a recent vacation to Alaska. I am true to myself today I created four totally unexpected unplanned pieces for the Tinsel and Treasures on September 18th.


Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Oh my gosh! I make things the same way!... Just, sit down and go! It's nice to know I'm not the only one. :-)
~ Deb

William Bezek said...

Thanks for sharing your process, and I think that teacher was wrong. You ARE unique in the best way.