Monday, January 18, 2010

That Works................

So, I am sure you have all looked at something you have created at one time or another and said " that really works! If you love the piece then no matter who tries to bargain for think......NO deal. It is still glowing from your creative energy.....the aura around it has not even left the work space. .how could you possibly part with it? If you attend a show, you might also recognize the keepers by their hefty price tag. But then, you know the old rationalization...........Well, if someone is willing to pay the price, then I am compelled to sell it..........of course never dreaming that anyone would dare make such an offer. Sometimes we try to save these fave pieces too by marking a sign that says they're sold. Such are a very few pieces of my work that reside in my home.........ones I actually did keep.

There is usually regret about the pieces that were really never intended to be matter what.. ....even if someone was willing to pay the are a few of my sold regrets........never to be exactly recreated again, since I make one-of-a-kind. Sniff, sniff, I can even remember who bought each piece......which is a temptation.....they are only an email or a phone call away. Can you recall art like other goods?



The Devils Rejects

Darrow's Manymphs On the Go!

Something Nagging at my Head

Kitty Katdaver
Miss Issippi and Nemrod


William Bezek said...

Those are wonderful works, think of the joy you have brought all who have seen them by letting them go. I know how you feel though, I only have a few things around as "proof" that I am a real artist everything else must go so that I can make a living. It is a catch-22, if you are not emotionally involved they would not be any good but it makes it all the harder to part cutting pieces of yourself away and throwing them to the wind.

SALLY said...

kitty katdaver is one of my favorites, I wanted that one so much!!