Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Pretty Ponies........

I went to Virginia City Nevada a few months ago to visit my favorite bookstore, the Mark Twain Bookstore to be precise.Every nook and corner is filled with early history of the west and the Comstock. On this particular day I picked up a book titled A Pony in the Picture. A book filled with children and their ponies. As ponies were often a gift at Christmas, I thought it would be fun to show the sheer joy of this treasured moment.
I was not lucky enough to have a pony of my own, but I remember riding at the pony ring every opportunity I could get. I made sure though, that both my girls had the pony experience. There may have been one little problem, however, in pony protocol. It seems I had heard somewhere that if they were to lie could be a symptom of colic....... a condition that could sometimes be fatal. My poor pretty ponies were not allowed to lie down for more than a second the entire time they lived with us. It's safe to say they were probably happier when they moved on to greener pastures. I later found out that it is OK to let a pony lie down once in a while. Luckily these ponies in the pictures were not under my watch. .....see the smiles on their faces, or are the bridles too tight?

Happy Holidays......and may all your pony wishes come in some form, or another!


William Bezek said...

I like that stuffed one on roller skates the best...nothing goes in and nothing comes out!

Designs By CK said...

Merry Christmas Sue!


Chris (-: