Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Tokens

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OK.........I am a reluctant why have I already posted two Valentine posts, with a circus knockdown post in between, because I can't ever be too mushy or serious. And now, yet another piece in reference to Valentine's Day.....why......because I find the concept of a love token being something other than the usual card, or flowers interesting, and a challenge. A love token can be anything that has significance to you, and your beloved.

Before cards and flowers, traditionally love tokens were coins that had one side, or both sides smoothed down and engraved with initials, names, phrases and/or scenes. These were often given to young ladies as “tokens of love” by suitors. This practice seemed to have started in England, as early as the fifteenth century.

There are even Love Token Societies today that collect these engraved coins............

But did you know that down through the ages, these tokens below were also given to show one's love and affection..................

These needlework peas woven into fabric, or painted symbolize closeness

Flower holders turned into jewelry, as a reminder of the everlasting beauty of the beloved long after the flowers had wilted away.

An anchor love token necklace.........a sailors way of saying you are mine.....I'm sunk. A fan, a token that communicated the silent language of love........... A dropped fan, was a signal that a lady was interested in the man who retrieved it for her. Rapid fanning indicated great interest, but if she rested it on her lips, she was indicating lack of trust.

A quilt made with love and given as a token of the promise of warmth, and comfort............

I see fun on the horizon. Showing your affection for a certain person , or persons with a token of love can really be anything. I wonder what might be perceived as a most interesting token of affection. You could hold that distinctive honor with a little bit of cleverness.............and imagination. I know what token I gave my then boyfriend, and now husband for our first Valentine's Day celebration. I know he remembers it too.............he still has it tucked away!


Designs By CK said...

Hi there ~ GREAT post, lovely tokens, & well said!

Valentine's has always held a special place in my heart since my birthday is the day before!

WooHoo ~ Friday the 13th birthday 4 appropriate...right???!!!

Have a great week SpOOky lady.

Chris (-:

Celestial Charms said...

A lovely post. I admire bloggers who pass on their research like you did here. I read blogs for 2 reasons. One is to drool over everyones creative art...the other is to learn about new subjects. You blog never fails to disappoint in either area. Thank you!

Karen from A`Musements said...

I used to collect Victorian pieces and I had a pair of woven hair "Love Tokens" bracelets. They finally looked too forelorn sitting in a box, and I passed them on to someone else to let them breathe some fresh hair, I mean air. Love the photo of the crazy quilt. Of course anything that looks zany grabs my attention... but my first husband is another story.

Renee said...

You can never know how much I enjoy this blog. Wonderful.


Designs By CK said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks SO much for being my dark partner in CRIME!!! You know what I mean...thanx 4 being my friend seriously!!!

I believe in having the Oprah birthday!!!! I'm workin' it & enjoyin' it...CAUSE you only live once.

PS: I'll be "30" again this year & always!!! LOL '-P)

PS: LOVED "Eyes Wide Shut!"...BUT then again are you surprised???!!!

Chris :-))


faerie enchantment said...

What a great post, loved that photo of the flower holders, beautiful!
Magic and Joy!

Cyth said...

Yay !!! My two Favorite holidays.... Halloween & Valentine's Day !!!! Have I found another who shares this love? Methinks, aye, I have.

And too , my birthday sits right beside Valentine's Day. Yee Haa !

And in my mind , if Halloween is one side of the coin, Valentine's Day would be the other side. Maybe why you keep going back to it?

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