Monday, February 2, 2009

Love From of All the Places................You Would Never Expect.....

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There is photography of life in the moment, and then there is photography in a meditative, still state. Beautiful female figures hint of our collective desire that death be not mere death.................not mourned, but celebrated by beauty.

These female forms are idealized and symbolic for the aspiration for eternal life, not the finality of death. The more beautiful they are the more vigorous life after death will be and the more certain we are of immortality.

In most artistic traditions the ability to master the female figure is what most defines artistic talent.

Those in the Romantic era of the nineteenth century were infatuated with death, for them is was the focus of extreme emotion, and the ultimate expression of love. They felt that to die loving, or loved was better than life itself. Death came to inspire not in horror or fright, but love and desire, so in a way I guess you could say these are images for love and Valentines.

Left wondering.....................


Celestial Charms said...

Beautiful images.

Designs By CK said...

LOVELY post & images!

Hope this note finds you well.

Chris (-:

lorhen82 said...

Those are so gorgeous! It may be weird, but I love taking photographs of statues and headstones in cemeteries. I think they have such grace and beauty. I find them fascinating! Thanks for sharing! ~Lori

Sabii Wabii said...

Sue, I saw your piece of art from Ulla's. It turned out great! What a fun day you must have had.
Well RED is over...when do we get an outing?

Wendy Coyne said...

fabulous photos, I love the old headstones, such a shame that our modern cemetaries don't allow anything like these any more, thanks for sharing


Love these. Did you take the pictures yourself?


I can't get it to allow me to post my site.