Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pop Up Halloween Everywhere..........and Anywhere!

I am more than a little "eggxcited".........The Wondrous Winter Fete is over, a wonderful time was had, and many new acquaintances were made. Thank you Kimberlee and Melissa for working so hard to put this ..........your first Winter Fete idea into action. The guests I spoke with were pleased with the quality, variety and uniqueness of the offerings by the artists. Again......I had my camera with me, but did not take one picture......not even one of my own table. I think I am not paying attention to the rules of blogging 101................take pictures lots of pictures. It is safe to assume by now that I have been more wordy than visual. I guess the thought being that if there are only words then everyone can use their imaginations about what is being said. No? OK I promise to do better in the future and take more pictures for visual inspiration.

I do have some individual pictures of some of the pop ups I made for the show. They were a hit...............funny how sometimes last minute projects seem to resonate the best. I think the thing about the pop ups is that because they are attached to small dowels they can be stuck and displayed in so many places for Halloween. Like the paper decorations from the past they look old, but do not require pins or tape to hold them, so they won't rip when being put away for next year. They can be placed in even the darkest corner to give it a festive touch. Something else I like to do is use my art work over and over in different ways after the original piece has been created. In this pop up........Nemrod the little dressed clown figure is a picture of a cloth figure that was made.

This dashing couple have a Fatal Attraction to Halloween. I sure they never figured when their picture was taken that they would end up this way. This would also be a fun way to use pictures of your relatives from the past that were just off the boat. I like to use pictures of my relatives, friends, pets etc. in my art work as often as possible. I wonder why no one likes to pose for me anymore.

The boys of Halloween in a Trick or Treat state of mind...........maybe you have some pictures of yourself in your costume........nothing like the present to make those memories of yours come alive.
The glitter on the shoes really makes this man, a werewolf catcher, as it does on all the pop ups. Hmmmmmmmm maybe this might be a way of playing a Halloween prank on a neighbor instead of toilet papering his yard. What would be even more fun is to make this pop up life size and put it in your yard or his.......or maybe prop it up by the door for all the neighborhood Trick or Treaters to see. Your local copy store can make large size figures.

These two are ready for some Punkin Dunkin........... OK enough get the idea, or should I say the picture. Which gives me an really are some pictures to get you started making your own Halloween pop ups.......oh but first I could not dogs on the bodies of my grandfather and great grandmother...........they look so elegant!
I need to get busy and make this into a pop up........the relatives are coming for Halloween! Here are some pictures for you to transform.............hurry it's almost Halloween!

Last Girl Standing..........
Albert and Cora
A come hither Halloween figure.
Take one, take all the family members for your Halloween pop up.......go have some would be interesting to see how they all end up.


Iva said...

Yes Sue, we are true kindred spirits in loving all things Halloween! Your pop ups are fantastic and I can imagine they were a hit!! I heard your table was full of amazing art and each piece had a unique story. Look forward to visiting soon, maybe when the harvest is over. Keeping my fingers crossed for no rain. Hugs to you...Iva
PS - Your doggies are so sweet as great grandparents!!

Anonymous said...

Lack of sleep can do odd things to people...or heighten their creativity. In your case, I choose the latter. Although, odd is good, too!! I LOVE your work!

3rdEyeMuse said...

those pop ups are terrific!

Valerie said...

what beautiful work and the completely cute little dogs in the photo - that is a great idea you have there!

Sarah said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely comments. I have enjoyed looking around your blog and will be back again soon. Love the pop ups-my favourite is the one with your dogs-it really made me laugh, they look so sweet and noble.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing those great photos for people to use! I love the "Boys of Halloween" piece.

cindy said...

I like your pop ups too!


by Michael Huddleston said...

Sue- where these the putem dolls that you were referring to?