Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's The Real Thing

Day 2 and Wow...........Thank you Sabii for such a warm's the real thing to have a good friend. If you have too many that is suspect, though, because it takes time to nurture a friendship. So far in what I have seen of online blogging, there is a real movement to band together for several common causes . I offer the above picture I took in Pompeii. It is the Altar of ART Possibilities. It is symbolic of what we do as artists when we create , and then sometimes share our creations. We lay our creations out on the Altar for everyone to see...........they can choose to embrace the work, or sacrifice it. I also like to use the Altar image because sometimes when I am unable to complete all the art work that is in my head...........I list all my ideas, and place them on the Altar. That way if someone asks what I have been up to..........I can explain all the thoughts I had but was unable to complete.

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