Thursday, September 17, 2009

Read All About It..........HalloVine Wine For Sale.....Now...

Let no wine be released before it's the saying goes! However, the time has come for the 2006 HalloVine Cabernet Sauvignon to be released. This is the fifth release of HalloVine wine. It had it's humble beginnings back in October 2003 when the first HalloVine wine, Vintage 2000, was released at Madonna Estate Winery. Better Homes and Gardens Tricks and Treats Magazine included the debut release of the wine in their fall special interest publication. And to add another cliche.......the rest is history. A cult Halloween wine was born. The wine was crafted for three years, then a break for two years, and finally the rebirth of the HalloVine wine tradition in 2008. Each vintage has had a different one-of-a-kind collectible Halloween label which was designed by an artist, who is well-known for creating Halloween art. I am proud to say that the meaningful re-birth label in 2008 was created by well-known Halloween folk artist, Jack Roads. This year's label was colorfully designed by Halloween folk artist, Iva Wilcox, who is the founder of the very successful Tinsel and Treasures Show, that was just held September 12th in Alamo California.


With Halloween becoming such an important, and fun holiday it is only fitting that the perfect wine has been created to celebrate the holiday. Each year my husband sets aside a special lot to be aged specifically for HalloVine wine. This year the Cabernet Sauvignon HalloVine wine was made from grapes grown in the famed Rutherford bench of the Napa Valley. This wine has aromas of cassis, toasty oak, chocolate and berry jam, on the palate, with a hint of spice it is balanced by a richness of sweet toasty French oak. It has an ample, yet elegant tannin structure, and a smooth lingering finish. A perfect sipping wine for waiting by the fire on Halloween.

First the grapes from the vineyard come to the winery to be set aside for HalloVine wine.

Waiting for it to age,,,,,,,,,,,,

And now perfection is released.......A perfect combition.........the fine wine of Madonna Estate, and the artistry of the label from Iva Wilcox.
If you would like to order HalloVine wine to celebrate, and make Halloween memories.
The wine retails for $24.00 a bottle. Produced in very limited quantities, I encourage you to purchase yours today before it disappears! You may order wine online or by calling Brette at Madonna Estate Monday through Friday (Pacific Time) at 1-866-724-2993.
The minimum order for shipping the wine is three bottles. You may order fewer bottles of “HalloVine” wine if they are combined with other wines from Madonna Estate to make the minimum order of three. Here is a link to the other wines of Madonna Estate.

Thank you! And enjoy!!


William Bezek said...

That is so cool to know that you are still producing the Hallow Vine wine! I had it at the first Halloween and Vine show that I attended as a customer, very tasty! I need to come visit your beautiful winery on one of my trips. I always imagine how wonderful that art show must have been when you held it there in the winery!

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say hello & wish you a great weekend!

Chris (-:


kanishk said...

That is so cool to know that you are still producing the Hallow Vine wine! I had it at the first Halloween and Vine show that I attended as a customer, Work from home India