Friday, June 19, 2009


I LOVE GAMES! I am not a good sport. I hate to lose. I feel only slightly horrible that my mother felt she had to give me property under the table, when the family played Monopoly.

Ancient civilizations had board games. However, we don't exactly how some of them were played. The most ancient was a game that was found in an Egytian tomb about 3500 B.C. It was called "Who Killed King Tut" naw.........teasing about the name.

Prior to the 1800's virtue was the reward for winning a board game. After the mid-19th century, and prior to the 1940's virtue might help you win, but it was no longer the reward. Rewards became money, a promotion, winning property, or some other type of material goods. Today virtue plays little to no part in game themes. Games mirror society at specific moments in time. Throughout the years, interests, imaginations, and our values can be seen in the board game. Wonder what some of the themes might be now.........for board I shutter to think.

How about a rousing board game of guess the Authors name from his works! That ought to get everyone up and going in leaving.

OR.............maybe Logomachy.......a war of the the name though......I would love to say.......join me in a game of could lead to something else especially if the "machy" part is whispered with eyes lowered.

OR there's The Game of Louisa.....similar to Parchese introduced in 1888

Maybe we could all have games named after us.......the Game of Bob, Tom, Dick, or Harry..........Susan's Folly......which would be about my Art endeavors. How about Pollyanna in 1915, advertised as the glad game. It featured different women with hairstyles from the time. That's a real show games....kind of on par with the Olympics.

How appropriate for the Finance Game to appear in 1936 featuring ways to make money during the boom to bust period of American History.........this would be a timely game to bring out, dust off, and play now.....and weep.

Politically incorrect for our time now.......object of Bizerte Gertie was for one of the servicemen during World War Two to walk a beautiful girl on the beach, and not get stuck with the ugly one.........symbolized with a dog head. That sounds familiar......I remember when if you heard a guy say a certain girl had a nice personality......that meant she was a dog. I wonder what people do that are born in the year of the dog.

Now...........I like to make game bored swags.........That seems innocent enough, or not.


lorhen82 said...

Sue, you always know how to make me laugh! I'm cracking up about the game where they don't want to get stuck with the ugly girl/dog! LOL Well, I guess things haven't changed THAT much...guys are still pretty shallow! Great post! ~Lori

Carolee said...

What a great post, lol! I'm the same with games. My husband says I think Scrabble is a blood sport, hehe..

~ Carolee