Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pretty Much Useless

There are many things in this world.....that have become pretty much useless. This happens for a variety of reasons. Things sometimes just simply outlive their original intended purpose. Such is the case of the matchbook. Back in the days when smoking was the fashion, they were a "hot", pardon the pun, form of advertisement, as well as a light. Now, that smokers have almost become extinguished.......(did it again).......the matchbook no longer has a reason to carry on. But fear not, along came paper artists, and revived them............gave them a new meaning.........which is to live on in their creations.

The other a thrift store I purchased a giant plastic bag of flattened match books without the matches. What a find........most everything I find is........ what a find.........the trick is remembering the visualization I had when I first saw something and thought it was a find. Here are some pretty much useless matchbook covers...... unless you figure out a way to recycle them again.

I think the artistic mind can pretty much find a use for everything tossed aside in this world.

I know this because I go to the Salvation Army drop off station at least once a month, and so do about 500 of my closest friends.

We are poised behind a yellow shaggy rope waiting for the rolling tables, filled as high as they can be without toppling over, to make an appearance. We wait for the goodies donated by unsuspecting dumpster heroes. Then instinctively we know when it is time to pounce on the table. Grabbing first and then looking at what we have in our hands later. There are making eye contact, no talking, because you cannot do two things at the same time....especially when there is serious business at hand...and be sure you are pulling a small cart that looks like a milk carton carrier on wheels. You will be ridiculed if you use a large shopping basket or cart. After about 20 minutes the tables are wheeled away with people hanging onto the sides, trying to dig their heels into the concrete.....but never fear........if that treasure has escaped you ..........there are many more tables waiting nearby with promise to come.

Sometimes people are kind and will hand over something you have been lusting after.......but mostly they keep it themselves.......... all the while you knowing that they don't have a clue what they are going to do with it. It is the thrill of the hunt that always drives them on. Which now brings me to a question........if you give something away that you do not care about, or even like is that really giving it away with the purest intentions? Just a random question trying to blend in here, but seriously.........what do you think?

So, it continues.........the search for new uses of pretty much useless stuff, from matchbooks to the bounty of the Salvation. All that limits you is your imagination.


Johanna Parker said...

Hi Sue!... I love this post...I hadn't really thought about it, but those matchbooks HAVE lived out their intended life - well, until you came along. I just love the old graphics on their covers, and I have a feeling if I had seen that bag of old matchbooks, I would have snagged it too!.... sounds like a treasure to me :) And that's what makes us weird.. hehe!

Thank you for the lovely Halloween card by the way!... You are a dear... We missed you at H&V this year - maybe next year we could tour your winery!.....would love that!..

Take care and keep hunting for junque-treasures :)

~ Johanna
PS - thanks for the nice comments on my blog...

Colleen said...

Wow! I want to come to YOUR Salvation Army...sounds like my kinda fun. Where are those rolling carts???

Karen from A`Musements said...

Graphics Freak, Yellow-Line Junkie.... see?! Separated at Birth! Wow, I couldn't have picked a better friend from the swap names (than Heidi did) if I had tried! LUCKY ME!!!
I have the same sort of GW set-up here, and the "rules" of discovery are long and myriad.... rituals; we all love 'em. The best part (besides the hunt and the addictive 'maybe the NEXT BATCH' high you get) is watching the cast of characters that show up to scour the tables.... until you realize YOU are one of the characters ;-) Well, surely not US!
and Proud of It